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Welcome to Bit13.Tech the incubator of ideas, products and apps.

Here you will see examples of apps using technologies like Azure and AWS cloud, IoT Twins, Edge, BLE, Blockchain, GIS MAP UI (UBER like) and AI logistics TMS.
The most recent is AI automation driven by document automation using metadate on PDF's. is the Safetycard, which uses IoT technology with BLE indoor positioning, and the AI teaches good safety habits with PPE and slip and fall. is a FinTech solution, for Private Equity that integrates SalesForce, QBO and Tableau, and has a dashboard and SEC styled quarterly reports. You will need access for a demo.
In the blockchain crypto technology space there is Earn Bitcoin Coach, a social network originally built free for the students at USF to teach each other about Bitcoin and NFTs. is the CyberSecurity Capability Maturity Model used to measure and audit defense capibility on the NIST standard.

Latest innovation:

DOCUMENT AUTOMATION with AI and metadata in PDF's
click on me, just keep swimming!

EHS Technology using IoT products

EHSS at Environmental Health And Safety using Internet of Things devices. Holds a US patent.

BI Tableau Distributive Technology - EDI

10 talents on AWS integrating with Salesforce, QuickBooksOnline and using Tableau.
Please email if you would like to see this UI with dashboards and Tableau reports.

10 talents on Azure integrating with Salesforce, QuickBooksOnline and using Tableau.

MedLyft This is like Uber for Non emergency medical transportation. Track your Care circle of healthcare givers, doctors, pharmacy for appontments, rides and in home care. A table reservation feature is added.


I-TAP - Holds a US Patent for an accelerometer measuring beer pour. Used in Stadiums.

Blockchain Bitcoin and NFT technology

The app earnBit is a bitcoin social network. AMZBIT inherites its smart contract in earnbit.
Earn bitcoin coach is a Bitcoin social network to coach each other on wallets and NFT's. Built as a Not for profit initially for the USF students to coach each other and supports the amzbit smart contact.

Apps with use cases using Google Maps

AllAmericaHealth AMH (Uses white label MedLyft app)

Web3 Player
Blockchain Web3 Player Dapp

My Gmap solutions

Location based IPS and GPS on google maps.
with user (my) controlled content like 'MY CARE CIRCLE (R)'
MyGmap Projects

Cybersecurity Strategy

by Sean Connors