Non Fungible Token.

join free - ACTIVATE to do member to member.

If you don't see your memberid (mid), Mid =
lookup here and use QNFT link.

Publish NFT to

* Copy member id and description to clipboard
* When you publish your NFT you must have you memberid in the first 10 characters of the name followed by Bit13 QNFT. Eg: Bit13 QNFT Coaches token
* Test your QR code using your camera phone or your friends.

Insider coded data:
?mid=&scode=&codedcode=&name=&wid= &email=&size=&onleg=&directs=

Demo NFT on Bit13 QNFT Coach

BIT13 NFT head coach EXPLORE Bit13tech on ([query]=Bit13tech) show 202682779160 ([query]=Bit13tech%202682779160)

* official use only
* source