Earn bitcoin <small> from the makers of amzbit</small>

  1. install a bitcoin wallet

    Bitcoin wallet
    For no app download use Blockchain.com
    Fund your BTC Bitcoin wallet with more than $100USD. * you dont need to do this to enroll.
    You can use an exchange like coinbase to do this. coinbase.com

  2. enroll

    Its free to enroll. But you need an ENROLLER * if you dont have a SHARE lookup your enroller here.
    Copy and paste your BTC public wallet id into the ENROLL page. Get that in your wallet. Remember to use BTC for bitcoin. Your public wallet id can rotate in your wallet. You will be using the one that your enrolled with forver so make sure you save it where you easily get to copy it. You can look it up anytime in enroller? Use enroller? to lookup all your old wallets using your old email addresses.

    WidMan WalletId Manager. new!

  3. activate

    activate sets your smart contract (SC) to receive bitcoin. Paste your wallet id into the activate page and it tells you on the bottom what bitcoin transactions to send. After an activation happens you can lookup the transaction on the blockchain at sites like blockchain.com explore. You will see your wid and the wid of the new amzbit member that activated. This is how your SC knows which transactions are completed and so will not pass your SC up if you have activated.

  4. share

    Review what you have learned because you now have to teach it. The SHARE takes you to a page that has your walletid (wid) embedded on the page. Anyone that enrolls with that page will carry your wid in the blockchain forever. When they activate your SC will drive their transaction.

  5. earn


    Inactive Smart Contracts are passed by. You can monitor this on the blockchain.

    If you are not willing or able to teach other about bitcoin and NFT's then dont ACTIVATE or Re-Activate because you have to earn your bitcoin with effort. Coaching how to coach about Bitcoin and NFT's takes a lot of time with each new coach. You earn bitcoin from your students, but your focus should be on investing and using Bitcoin and getting digital assets using NFT's. This exchange is to incent you to teach others about Bitcoin not to make a financial winfall. That you can do with your Bitcoin wallet and trading NFT's.'

    Earn bitcoin by teaching and sharing this opportunity using the SHARE.

    Your first job is to teach how bitcoin works and what a bitcoin wallet.
    You have to learn a lot about technology because you need to know how bitcoin works. - learn from your team.
    If you cant do online presentations you have to learn this too. - learn from your team.

    Earn by teaching bitcoin and teaching others to teach and share.